About our Team

Farmers State Bank prides itself in offering the very best to our customers. This includes offering the very best people for the job. From financing home purchases to refinancing and home equity loans, our Mortgage Team will find the very best option for you and your family! Financing is available in-house or through our Mortgage Services division, which offers a variety of secondary market financing options. Call or stop in today!

Products we offer


Conventional financing through the secondary market, for most, is the optimum type of financing. It traditionally comes with the lowest set of fees and the overall lowest monthly payment. Farmers State Bank takes pride in offering local underwriting for loans placed on the secondary market. Our underwriters for the secondary market loans are right here in Western Montana. This is where you will find our traditional 15, 20, and 30 year fixed rates.  

In-House Loans

In-House Loans are for those scenarios of which do not fit inside the box. Farmers State Bank takes pride in having the ability to be a true community lender and offer financing options for loans that simply make sense. 


Farmers State Bank is proud to offer 100% financing through USDA RD. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or simply considering a no money down purchase, this is a great avenue to consider. 


Farmers State Bank supports Veterans and will proudly support you through the lowest interest rate/fee combinations we have to offer. VA charges a separate funding fee (waived with any type of disability status) that our Loan Officers will take into consideration when exploring all avenues. If you are seeking 100% financing or 50% financing, our local VA underwriters will guide you through our seamless process. 

Construction Loans

Whether you are building a new house from the ground up or doing a significant remodel, a construction loan will be an avenue to explore. With low interest only payments during the course of construction and a seamless transition to the long term financing, Farmers State Bank has been the bank of choice for decades. Our professionals have developed great relationships with local builders to create a great experience for all. 

Rehab Loans

In November of 2013, Farmers State Bank created one of our greatest community improvement loans. We determined there was a need for financing on homes that needed a little repair/improvement in order to meet the more traditional loan guidelines. On purchase transactions, we will allow up to $20,000 to go towards the repairs/improvements after closing. This allows you to close in "as-is" condition, yet use the after improved value. The use of funds cannot go towards structural repairs/improvements but are great for a new roof, new heating/cooling system, new windows, paint, and the list goes on. The greatest feature of this loan, only a 5% down payment of the total project. Conditions do apply and it is only good for a primary residence, so please contact a local loan officer for all the details. 

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Meet our Lenders

Scott Falagan – VP/ Mortgage Lender Manager - Victor

Scott Falagan

"I am proud to be a representative of the Farmers State Bank team. In my 15 years of banking experience, I have never been surrounded by such a knowledgeable, caring and devoted team. We have proudly brought Farmers State Bank to the ranks of the number 1 lender in our primary market area. Followed by customer ratings second to none. In addition to this marvelous team, having the ability to underwrite on a local level has really separated us from our competitors. Fast, timely, and accountable decision making, brings reciprocity to our business. I personally am a father to 2 wonderful children and husband to a beautiful wife. We love spending time in the outdoors and are dearly grateful every day to live in such a wonderful place as Montana. Consider Farmers State Bank for one of the largest investments you will make. Where there are no fancy marketing gimmicks, just reliable, consistent, and solid service. You can sit down with someone on the first day of your application and the day you make your final payment. We look forward to meeting you."

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Casey Hornaday – Mortgage Lender - Lolo and Florence

"My name is CaCasey Hornadaysey Hornaday, and I have lived in Montana most of my life. I take tremendous pride in this wonderful state, trying each day to make a positive footprint. I currently live in the Bitterroot valley with my wife and our two children. As a family we enjoy rafting, fly-fishing, and exploring the mountain ranges we consider our back yard. A mortgage loan is one of the most significant financial endeavors most of us will undertake. Whether it’s your first or a subsequent mortgage, helping you navigate smoothly through the process is my first priority. My goal is to always paint a clear picture of what to expect and communicate clearly and promptly when problem-solving is required. With more than 20 years locally in the mortgage industry as both a loan officer and underwriter, I have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the loan process."

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Kim Kendrick – Mortgage Lender - Missoula 

Kim Kendrick

"My name is Kim Kendrick, and I have been with Farmers State Bank since 2011. I started in the lending world in 1996 and have been in Customer Service, in one aspect or another, since my very first job ~ Not going to date that one! I feel the two go hand in hand. A house is the largest purchase you will be making at this point in time. It matters to me, to make this process as stress free as possible. I gather information and documentation upfront so you can sit back and relax. Farmers is unique in that we are the underwrites and our processors are local. I truly love what I  do.

I am an Alumni of the University of Montana and have always loved Missoula. My husband and I chose to raise our 2 beautiful children here. We happily made our home here, and I would love to help you do the same.

Whether this your first house or tenth, I would love the opportunity to help you buy your home in Missoula."

NMLS #419003


Nicole Dix – Mortgage Lender - Missoula

Nicole Dix

“My name is Nicole Dix, and I love to call Montana home. My husband and I, along with our two children, moved to Montana 4 years ago from Southern California. We live in Missoula, however, I love getting out of the bank to meet with clients. Whether in Missoula County or Ravalli County, I’m always more than happy to hop in the car! During our free time, my family loves to get outdoors and travel. Montana is such a beautiful place; it’s no wonder it’s called “The Last Best Place.” I have over 16 years of experience in the industry, from mortgage lending to real estate investing. I have spent my entire career helping clients with their financing needs. There is no "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" when it comes to mortgage loans. I take great pride in putting my client's needs first and making the mortgage process smooth. Being able to underwrite loans, along with our fabulous In-House Lending options, allows me to make sure I am doing what is best for my clients. I would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your personal mortgage lending options together.”

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Our Mortgage Lenders are available to meet at any of our seven locations from Darby to Missoula.  Can’t make it into a branch? Our lenders are more than happy to meet where it is convenient for you! Give us a call, or stop in today!