Remote Deposit Service

  • Process check deposits from your own office
  • Safety and Security
    • No need to carry checks outside your place of business! 
  • Offer your customers payment options with one-time or
    recurring payments
  • Find out about nonsufficient checks faster
  • Lower your employee and transportation costs
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What is Remote Deposit Service?

Remote Deposit Service (RDS) is a system that sets up businesses to process their check deposits in their place of business. This is done with the use of high speed Internet, a check scanner and secure access to a web-based tool.
Deposits are scanned throughout each business day into a deposit batch which is reviewed and submitted in the afternoon and processed for the same business day. In addition to processing regular checks submitted by your customers, RDS gives business owners ACH capabilities such as:

  • Process checks by phone
  • Set up one-time payments as well as recurring payments electronically from customers’ accounts
  • Web payments
  • And more


What Do I Need to Get Set Up?

The basic requirements to use RDS are:

  • High speed Internet access
  • Computer
  • Check scanner (provided by Farmers State Bank)
  • Filing system for temporary storage of processed checks

How Do I Sign Up?

For information on our Remote Deposit Service please call Christie Pamin (406-642-2299) or LaDawn Bauer (406-642-2206). Can't catch us during business hours? No problem. Send an email!