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Internet Banking

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Secure Online Banking

With Internet banking, you can do your banking from the comfort of your home or office to:

  • Obtain checking, savings and loan account balance
  • Transfer funds between accounts to which you are authorized including making a loan payment
  • View or print images of checks you have written (if available)
  • Download your account information into a money manager such as:
    • Microsoft's Money
    • Intuit's Quicken
    • Intuit's QuickBooks
  • Choose to receive an e-mail of account information
  • Pay your bills with Bill Pay

Internet Banking
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Account Balance?

The Account Balance is the actual account balance after the last nightly update.

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What is Available Balance?

Your Available Balance may include the following:

  • Overdraft Protection Line of Credit
  • A minimum balance transfer from another account (to cover overdrafts)
  • Pending Teller transactions
  • Pending ATM transactions
  • Pending Debit Card transactions

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Why does my Available Balance appear when I attempt a transfer between accounts?

The Available Balance is in the transfer field so you will have access to the same funds that you would if you wrote a check.  Since Internet Banking balances are Real-Time, it is important to take into account all pending activity.  Your Available Balance may be larger or smaller than your Account Balance depending on the features you have on your account and the amount of activity pending.

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What happens if I transfer money in excess of my Account Balance?

A transfer cannot be completed if the transfer amount is greater than the Account Balance and funds are not available from a Credit Line, Overdraft Privilege, or a Minimum Balance Transfer.

If you transfer money in excess of your Account Balance and that money is...

  • ...advanced from a Credit Line, that Credit Line will begin to accrue interest as stated in your contract.
  • ...advanced from your Overdraft Privilege, your account may be charged an overdraft fee on items that will create the overdraft.
  • ...advanced from another deposit account with Minimum Balance Transfer, the charge of $2.34 will be assessed on your statement.

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What does error #____ mean?
Error # Meaning Resolution
1006 Invalid User ID

Make sure you're not confusing the password and User ID


Call Help Desk

1008 Account Locked
(you've typed the incorrect password more than 5 times)
Call Help Desk
1040 Invalid Password

Make sure you're not confusing the password and User ID


Use Self-Service Password Reset option from login page


Call Help Desk

1504 Partial Login Close All Browsers
1516 Partial Login Close All Browsers
1518 Corrupt Cookie

- Clear Cache
- Clear Cookies
- Reboot

"Session State is Corrupted" Time/Date settings incorrect Reset computer Time/Date

Please call the Help Desk at 406-642-2022 if you need further assistance.

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