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Automated Services — Touch-Tone Teller

Secure Telephone Banking
Our 24 hour automated telephone banking system allows you to obtain your checking, savings, and loan account balance, transfer funds between accounts to which you're authorized, review recent transactions and FAX statements and check images.

Call Farmers State Bank to activate Touch-Tone Teller, then you can begin using the service immediately. Here's how:

  1. First-time users; call us at 642-2022 to unlock your access
  2. Dial 642-6887 (locally) or 800-372-3002 (out of area)
  3. Follow the prompts and press '1' to access personal accounts
  4. Enter the initial password privided by the our Call Center, follwed by the '#' key
  5. Enter your nine-digit Social Security Number and press the '#' key
  6. Press '6' to change your password - this new password will be used to access Touch-Tone Teller in the future
  7. Follow the prompts to access checking, savings or loan accounts, transfer funds or request a fax of your information

Lost or Stolen
FSB Credit Card?
24 Hours 800-423-7503
Lost or Stolen
FSB Debit Card?
Daytime 406-642-3431
After Hours 800-236-2442